By Lindsay Pelser

4 May 2011 – I read with great interest your story on the delay of tax breaks for energy upgrades.  This could have made pink batts and solar subsidies look like spilt milk.

I think it is good to scrap the tax breaks as it would be no more than a rort for  funding on buildings that are only NABERS accredited. These buildings are not that energy efficient but can become more energy efficient with better lighting and light levels.

Induction lighting (which my company supplies) is becoming more energy efficient than most NABERS buildings but is  excluded from any funding.

The tax breaks should be scrapped altogether and in its place all states should be generating energy saving certificates such as in NSW. This can be done very easily and can generate funds to government from day one without a single dollar being spent by the federal government.

On our projects we can generate energy certificates that are in short supply at the moment and far outweigh the 50 per cent rebate.  Axing the rebate would encourage companies to be more energy efficient and make substantial savings on energy and maintenance.

I have seen many six star rated buildings that are energy wasters rather than energy savers.

Lindsay Pelser is chief executive officer, IAQ Consulting Pty Ltd