19 September 2012 — Steve Fieldus runs 11 bulk haulage trucks out of Dubbo and has a tattoo of his favourite on his bicep. He also runs the only carbon neutral fleet on the planet. Despite emitting more than 4000 tonnes of CO2 into the air each year he is busy slashing the amount of CO2 his trucks emit and voluntarily paying a carbon tax – by contributing to a project in Africa – to cover those still be to reduced. Mr Fieldus has also just completed the final requirements for certification under the National Carbon Offset Standard, a voluntary program run by Low Carbon Australia. “I wanted to buy offsets from Australian farmers – especially soil carbon offsets but they aren’t available yet. Hopefully next year,” he said. Inspired by last year’s Carbon Farming Conference last year, Mr Fieldus is a special guest this year. Details: www.carbonfarmingconference.com.au