2 February 2011 – From Avaaz – In 48 hours, nearly half the British mass media could be bought by one of the world’s worst media moguls.

Rupert Murdoch has exploited his vast media empire to push war in Iraq, elect George W Bush, spread resentment of muslims and immigrants, and block global action on climate change.

Getting a lock on British media will massively boost Murdoch’s power, affecting virtually every issue we care about, from human rights to the environment. The UK is up in arms over the Murdoch bid, and even the government, elected with Murdoch’s help, is split down the middle as it makes a decision this week. Global solidarity bolstered Egypt’s pro-democracy protesters — it can help Britain’s. Let’s build an urgent global outcry to stop Rupert Murdoch. Sign the petition to UK decision-makers: https://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_rupert_murdoch_3/?cl=967421784&v=8529

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