18 September 2011 – The Tea Party in the US has sustainable development in its cross hairs.

In their view it’s a plot to destroy the American way of life: the “single family residence – which is to say, the middle class suburb with tract homes, soccer moms driving mini-vans, and consumption of energy restricted only by the wallets of the homeowners themselves…fixation” with the automobile – and hence the mobile freedom that comes along with It,” says Treehugger in its latest alert on this reactionary trend that promises to be the new front of the climate deniers/resources industry.

Treehugger quotes, Tea Party mouthpiece, Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center on the Agenda 21 “conspiracy”:.
“Sustainable development” says DeWeese, “envisions local communities all across the US adopting comprehensive community plans that have as their real, though unstated, purpose the elimination of the very middle class quality of life, that has been the bedrock of [US]national independence and personal freedoms.

“In place of the suburb, it wants Soviet-style high density housing; changes in zoning laws that increasingly make it impossible to maintain single family residences (let alone build new ones); mandated use of public transportation (thus positioning the high density housing near railroad or bus depots and excluding from those ‘human residential zones’ most roadways and parking installations); and severe limitations on private food, water, and energy consumption, in return for enormously high taxes that will fund ‘cradle to grave’ care by the nanny government.”

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