27 April 2012  – Sentiment on work opportunities is still very patchy. In construction and retrofits Sydney is said to be awakening from its slumber while Melbourne is faltering.

One consultant, Melbourne based, is taking their wares to Sydney in order to find work, so quiet is the southern belle right now.

Recruiter Lisa Tarry, of Turning Green, says the Sydney market for sustainability jobs, however, is still struggling to overcome tight financial, with the focus on costs and demands on executive time slowing decision making.

“The initiatives are still kicking on but the challenge in getting the executives engaged is still prevalent because they’re overworked and new initiatives coming through aren’t a priority,” Ms Parry said.

Job opportunity
One job she is filling at present is for a sustainability manager able to report across a range of sustainability frameworks for different stakeholders in a national ports operation. The role is for 12 months.

IT is doing well, thanks
In the IT space, around sustainability reporting on energy, water, waste and so on, there’s a rush of activity. Partly it’s driven by the impending carbon tax and the sudden realisation by some corporates that they are totally unprepared and could be badly caught out. Others are feeling the same way about the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System.

Either way, there have been 20 major tenders out to market  that have caught the attention of CarbonSystems which, we recently reported, had won a major Microsoft contract.

Dan Gaffney, the company’s spokesman told The Fifth Estate that business is brisk. The company has been hiring and is now at 63 staff, up from eight two years ago.

Recent work has included a major contract with a financial institution which is spurring competitors to look at their own work. And Gaffney expects more work from local councils who have realised they are exposed to the 1 July carbon tax legislation. The company already has nine council contracts, including Sydney, Gosford and Bankstown.