16 October 2012 — International Fund for Animal Welfare has voiced its concerns over an application from Bight Petroleum, an Australian subsidiary of Canadian Bight Petroleum Corp, to conduct seismic surveys in waters covering 3000 square kilometres off Kangaroo Island. IFAW spokesman Matthew Collis said the area was once a peaceful feeding ground for some of the world’s most endangered whales but “is now about to be blasted with deafening levels of noise in Bight Petroleum’s search for more profit”. Mr Collis said the lease was handed over 15 months ago but now was the first time the decision had been opened to public comment – until 29 October. Mr Collis said while IFAW accepted that the oil and gas industry was a reality in Australia, the future of the blue whales and other marine creatures that came to feed in Kangaroo Island’s waters were just too important to risk.