From the ABC online 26 September 2011 – Australia’s chief scientist says the media coverage of the climate change debate has been “very ordinary” and has urged the science community to do more to argue its case.

Professor Ian Chubb has also described personal attacks on climate scientists as deplorable.

He has told a parliamentary inquiry the scientific community needs to become more actively involved in the debate, and that the contest of ideas is central to scientific progress and increasing people’s understanding of the issues.

“I think the coverage has been very ordinary,” he said.

“I think the proportions of arguments given, the weight given, the space given to arguments seems to me to be more in the nature of illustrating, demonstrating conflict rather than the contest of ideas,” he said.

“I do ask the scientific community to stand up to be counted on important issues of science. I don’t think it is helpful that it is left to very few.

“I think the majority of scientists ought to be out there explaining to the public why they do science, how they do science, how they accumulate scientific evidence, and what happens when it’s wrong,” he said.

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