Solar installations have reached three gigawatts of capacity.

4 December 2013 — The solar revolution continues with new data showing that solar power has reached another milestone, with installations in Australia reaching three gigawatts of capacity.

According to data collated by solar engineering services firm SunWiz, this 3GW of solar PV accounts for close to 10 per cent of national electricity market demand, and is “actively reshaping” the market.

Queensland was the leader in solar installations, representing a third of the solar capacity, followed by NSW and Victoria. Nationally, 14 per cent of dwellings now have solar systems, though South Australia is out in front with an impressive one of four dwellings having a PV system.

Analysis by SunWiz found that on September 29 at 12:30pm, solar power contributed 9.3 per cent of electricity demand in the NEM, and 28 per cent of South Australia’s demand.

The SunWiz report also found that businesses were now getting in on the action, with five per cent of recently installed systems exceeding eight kilowatts in size.

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