16 August 2011– The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has a new rubbish-sorting system with the potential to divert about 1700 litres of recycled materials from general waste every working day after matched funding from Sustainability Victoria.

RMIT aims to reduce general waste by 20 per cent and double the amount of recycled waste from less than 30 per cent to 60 per cent by 2012.

As part of the program a waste audit of four different buildings on the campus showed that 80 per cent of paper was being used on one side only; this will be addressed by changing all computer default settings to double?sided printing, a newsletter item from Sustainability Victoria said.

Of the 4764 litres of waste audited, it was found that about 30 per cent of general waste could be recycled instead.

For example, in a 24-hour sample taken, nearly 515 litres of co-mingled recycling (cans, plastic water bottles) and about 778 litres of paper and cardboard went to general waste instead of being recycled.

RMIT has replaced its system of separate recycling bins for paper, plastic etc, with a single co-mingled bin to solve contamination and space problems.

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