26 October 2011 – A new wind turbine whose manufacturers claim is “almost silent” has been launched at Geelong in Victoria and is attracting significant attention, amid a recent backlash against wind power generation in Australia.

The Eco Whisper Turbine, stands 21 metres high and features a unique, intuitive blade design that is virtually silent, according to Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd.

Eco Whisper business development manager Michael Le Messurier said there had already been more than 300 requests for information following the launch this week.

The announcement comes as momentum has built to stop wind farms, with residents and political groups citing noise issues, but which defenders say is not evident in other countries, nor in detailed surveys of residents near some wind farms. See an in-depth report from ABC’s Four Corners on this issue.

According to Mr Le Messurier The Eco Whisper Turbine can produce 20 kW of electricity and comes with almost no sound due to its “unique cowl/ring that prevents air from spilling off the blades”.

Currently on display at AUSTENG Engineering in Geelong, he says the Australian designed and manufactured wind turbine has a number of advantages compared to comparable three blade designs.  These include: lower start up speed; an advanced ability to collect wind making it suitable for a large number of sites; an Australian made generator and inverter, delivering more energy (up to 45,000 KwH a year); and blades contained in a central hub to minimise birdlife casualty.”

The blades measure 6.5 metres in diameter and the wind hub and blade are made from aluminum.

Mr Le Messurier said the design made the turbine suited to grid and non-grid connections and it was “extremely versatile” with appeal for commercial sites, urban environments, such as industrial parks, airports, community groups, universities, councils, ports and manufacturing facilities.

See www.ecowhisper.com.au and a video

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