19 April 2010: The Green Building Council has introduced a credit into the Green Star rating system for  PVC materials after virtually dis-allowing the material for the past six years.

The revision of how PVC and other contentious building materials are treated was the subject of a special report in The Fifth Estate  by Lynne Blundell.

The Green Building Council of Australia said the review follows an 18-month review period and was designed to encourage the development and use of best practice PVC material in Australia.

“The PVC credit, as it applied over the past six years, encouraged the minimisation of all PVC use in green buildings,” said Green Star executive director, Robin Mellon.

The “Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment” identifies the “opportunities for environmental impact and health risk reductions in the PVC life cycle,” Mr Mellon said. “These guidelines also recognise some world-leading achievements of PVC manufacturers.”

Under the new PVC credit, projects will be able to claim two points towards their Green Star rating if the project’s flooring and resilient wall coverings, cable, pipe and conduit – which together account for the majority of PVC use in buildings – meet the GBCA’s Best Practice Guidelines.

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