Polls show Tony Abbott’s government’s honeymoon is over.

25 November 2013 — The first Fairfax Nielsen poll since the election shows Labor leading the Coalition government by four points at 52-48, the quickest rebound by a federal opposition since losing an election in history. The vast majority of respondents (close to 87 per cent) also supported climate action.

Speaking to ABC’s AM program, pollster John Stirton said the Coalition’s 5.5 percentage point fall was a surprise because governments tended to poll strongly in their first year.

“It is a surprising result and I think in that case it’s always wise to wait and see if it’s confirmed by further polling,” he said.

“But it does suggest that the Abbott Government is having one of the shortest honeymoons probably in history.”

Renewed sentiment on climate action

The government’s direct action policy also fared poorly in the poll. While 57 per cent of people wanted the carbon tax repealed, only 12 per cent of voters believed the Coalition’s plan to use taxpayer funds to purchase emissions reductions and plant trees was the solution.

The majority of respondents also wanted to see Australia meet its five per cent reduction target on 2000 emissions by 2020, with 46 per cent saying it was about right and 41 per cent saying it was too low.

Voters also preferred the emissions trading scheme proposed by Labor at the last election.

In another sign of renewed belief in climate action, the Greens also went up two percentage points to 11 per cent.