28 April – A national poll shows a majority of people want the revenue raised by a carbon price to be used to boost clean energy, help households and rehabilitate the natural environment.

Fifty-six per cent – including more than half the Coalition voters surveyed – are against the revenue being used to compensate polluting industries.

The telephone poll of 1200 people from all states and territories, conducted by Newspoll over the period 15-17 April, found:

  • 87 per cent want revenue raised by the price on pollution to be invested in renewable energy innovation
  • 77 per cent want revenue to go to households
  • 84 per cent want revenue to be used to rehabilitate the environment
  • 56 per cent oppose compensation for polluters
  • More than half Coalition voters oppose compensation to industry

“There is broad support for revenue from the carbon price to go towards households, renewable energy and an ecosystem protection fund, but there is very little support for money to be given to big polluters,” Australian Conservation Foundation executive director Don Henry said.

“ACF agrees there should be some assistance for trade-exposed sectors, but the shrill scaremongering of some big polluters, which have had decades to clean up their act, should not be rewarded at the expense of needed investment in a clean economy, healthy environment and support for disadvantaged households.

“Protecting and restoring our natural environments and helping farmers manage lands sustainably can absorb and hold large amounts of carbon pollution at low cost and should be a central part of our efforts to cut pollution and develop a cleaner economy,” Mr Henry said.

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