14 December 2011 – Sydney based Getty Images photographer, Michael Hall  is on a 10-year mission to raise global awareness of climate change after a near-fatal accident four years ago left him with a broken back.

Following three months of intense rehabilitation, Mr Hall picked up a camera and asked a friend to drive him to the Hume Dam where he took his first post-accident image during the height of the 2007 drought.

This was the start of his personal climate change project. Since then, he and his camera have crossed Australia, the US, the Polar region, North Africa and Eastern Europe documenting his passion, taking care to always travel carbon neutral.

Mr Hall who has worked as a fine art and commercial photographer for more than 20 years, wants his climate change images to shift the collective consciousness on climate change apathy and denial.

His images, exhibited around the world and endorsed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, are a visual narrative on the causes of climate change, its effects, and the solutions for a sustainable future.

He plans to spend another five years building up his climate change library to 300 images,  involving  further photographic expeditions to Antarctica, South America, China, India, the Nigerian Delta, the Congo, Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, Russia and South-East Asia.

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