Nick Minchin and Anna Rose

25 April 2012 – Two prominent climate change commentators with opposing views, former Liberal senator and climate change sceptic Nick Minchin and founder and chair of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition Anna Rose, go head to head in a special ABC Q&A program at 8.30pm on Thursday, 26 April.

In an interactive program of more than two hours a live studio audience follows the journey as the protagonists attempt to change each other’s attitudes. Following the documentary, Tony Jones will host the Q&A with href=””>Anna Rose, Nick Minchin, Clive Palmer, Dr Megan Clark and Rebecca Huntley.

At home and on-line, the national audience joins in, leading to the decision. Have we shifted the national mood? Have we changed people’s minds?

The ABC is running a survey on attitudes to climate change, with the first round ending on Thursday.