11 July 2013 — A clean energy pilot program being undertaken in New Zealand could benefit thousands of remote Australian communities and South Pacific islands.

Callaghan Innovation team manager for energy technologies Alister Gardiner said he was originally interested in developing fuel cells for transport applications but soon realised the highest energy costs were in isolated areas.

“This is where they currently use diesel and LPG for everything and both of those emit highly undesirable pollutants including greenhouse gases,” Mr Gardiner said.

Last November Mr Gardiner and his team deployed a small hydrogen production system on a wildlife reserve in Wellington Harbour designed specifically to capitalise upon surplus renewable electricity produced from wind and solar PV.

Operating the equipment less than half the time, it has produced 800 kilowatt hours of hydrogen.

Mr Gardiner will put the case for hydrogen to All-Energy Australia in a session on power storage at 9am on Thursday, 10 October.

More about All-Energy Australia 2013 can be found at www.all-energy.com.au.

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