Peter Mould

19 December 2011 – Peter Mould, NSW government architect and general manager of the government architect’s office who retires from the position in January advises his successor to “do it your way.”

He told The Fifth Estate his successor should find their own voice and maintain the integrity the position demands. “Establish trust at high levels so you can have influence,” he said.

Mr Mould has certainly done that in the five years since he was appointed to the position, winning numerous awards for his projects including this year’s president’s prize from the Australian Institute of Architects Awards, NSW chapter.

He also established the Sydney Opera House eminent architects panel earlier this year to advise on design and building.

Mr Mould, who said he had no specific plans as yet for his retirement, has been quoted as saying that cities of the future must be socially environmentally sustainable that will inform the urban form, just as density will foster sustainability.

He has foreseen a future Sydney as more compact and densely populated with equitable and connected communications and transport networks, giving greater access to opportunities and services.