24 September 2012  — The year is 2024. The planet Cryon is due to collide with a black star resulting in the total destruction of the planet. The repercussions of this distant event are to have a profound effect on planet Earth.

Matt Slater and his family, on a trip in the Wyoming outback, stumble across a discovery that places the whole of mankind into turmoil. In a dangerous race against time, Matt must visit space and return in time to unlock a secret that has remained dormant for untold years.

Such is the premise of John Rowland’s sci-ci thriller Cry from a Silent Planet.

So begins a series of events, each one taking Slater and the authorities nearer to contact with an alien race and the chilling realisation that he must make a decision that will determine the very preservation of human life on Earth.

The imaginative storyline combined with topical, realistic and factual information also explores:

  • The existence of alien life forms
  • The possibility that another race of beings were here long before us
  • Earth’s natural resources
  • Astronomy, cosmology, seismology, geology, physics
  • Human relationships
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs
  • Population growth

Rowland said Cry from a Silent Planet was the culmination of two years’ work.

“Whilst unquestionably a work of fiction, I sought to base the science in the book on solid, verifiable facts.

“The book is a thought-provoking attack on the premise that the human race has absolute rights over the Earth, its current home planet.

“It does this by seamlessly switching viewpoints from the human protagonist to his alien counterpart. It also spans millions of years yet brings detail to life through the eyes of the main characters.”

Rowland was a physics and astronomy teacher and lecturer before moving into IT, running his own company specialising in management information software and training.