Nick Cerneaz

16 May 2012 – Nick Cerneaz has been appointed executive director of The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering based at the University of Sydney, after  co-founding Seeing Machines, a computer vision technology company in the UK, which developed “real-time tracking of human heads, facial features and eye gaze direction,” and was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Board.

Dr Cerneaz is a graduate in mechanical engineering from the University of Sydney and has a PhD in  computer vision from Oxford.

He has also worked for four years with Mirada Solutions, a privately funded Oxford University technology spin-off, playing an instrumental role in overseeing the company’s growth from a six person start-up to a profitable business with 75 employees, and the company’s trade-sale to CTI Molecular Imaging Inc.

Professor Mike Dureau retires as executive director of The Warren Centre after nine years, but will continue to serve as a non-executive director of centre.