7 February 2012: From Roads Australia News Australian and New Zealand road agencies have jointly funded a project to develop a common approach to the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the design, construction and operation of a road project.

For the first time, proponents can assess the whole of life emissions associated with a particular road construction project.

The final product is the joint effort of six road agencies (Roads and Maritime Services NSW, the New Zealand Transport Authority, the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Main Roads Western Australia, and VicRoads), although it is anticipated that it will be utilised by all road agencies across Australia.

The project has involved two discrete stages:

  • The development of a workbook to document the emission factors utilised and the assumptions made to develop a standardised approach for a suite of standard pavement designs over the whole of life of a road project; and
  • The development of a user-friendly calculator known as Carbon Gauge to identify emissions associated with each stage in the life of a road considered to generate materially significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, namely construction, maintenance and operation (street lights and traffic lights).

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