The Sustainability at Work team at the program launch in Melbourne (left to right): Tania Crosbie, Lucy Norvil and Melissa Houghton.

19 August 2013 — An online sustainability system enabling organisations to implement behaviour change programs has been launched.

VillageHive, by Sustainability at Work, is a cloud-based software that provides a step-by-step guide for sustainability professionals to plan, create, communicate and report on their behaviour change programs and initiatives.

Anne Hellstedt (AECOM), Jennifer Cunich (PCA) and Jyotee Patel (Charter Keck Cramer) at the Melbourne launch.

“Managers are faced with increasing time, money and resource pressures so engaging people is quickly being seen as less of an option or obligation but rather an opportunity that’s difficult to execute,” said Sustainability at Work director Melissa Houghton. “VillageHive makes managing people-based programs around sustainability easy.”

The program includes sustainability tips for the workplace as well as guidelines for delivering sustainable events, reducing resources and embedding change. Managers can view local, national and global campaigns and immediately see how they are tracking, where the budget is at and the end results.

Geoff Gourley (NuGreen), Richard Evans (Talent Nation), Ric Sinclair and Andrea Sinclair (FWPA), Melissa Houghton (Sustainability at Work) and Karan White (Podlegal) at the Melbourne launch.

The creators say that the program reduces the angst associated with behaviour change programs, which can suffer from planning, implementation and communication issues, while embedding sustainable outcomes.

“There are significant benefits including increase in productivity and output; reduction in the costs of managing and communicating sustainability campaigns; environment, social and health and wellbeing benefits for staff and the organisation; ability to manage risks to brand and reputation, as well as building stronger, loyal teams,” said director Tania Crosbie.

Coin and banknote company Downies Coins have come aboard as the foundation client of the program.

“Downies Coins could see the benefits of the system immediately and we were very pleased to have them join VillageHive as our foundation client,” said Ms Crosbie. “That’s the great thing with VillageHive, it is scalable to businesses of all sizes.”

For more information visit VillageHive.

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