10 October 2012 — Ichijo Technological Homes has opened two new display centres at HomeWorld Gledswood Hills and HomeWorld Kellyville. Ichijo was established in Japan and is building more than 10,000 houses per annum. The houses reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 40-60 per cent and provide an asthma friendly home environment. General manager Phil Stewart said continually escalating energy prices in NSW were building intense interest in homes that cut energy bills. “All our homes incorporate high quality double glazed argon gas-filled windows, along with other building components which allow significant reductions in heating and cooling loads which is the largest sector of domestic energy consumption in Australia,” he said. “All our homes also feature a high indoor air quality ventilation system which allows the air to be replaced once every three hours (which) eliminates humidity that causes condensation and mould growth as well as any harmful VOCs.”