8 May 2012 – Australian journalist and former Asia business editor for CNN, Geoff Hiscock explores the global competition for scarce natural resources that pits the west against China and India and other contenders including Russia, Brazil, and Indonesia in his book, Earth Wars:The Battle for Global Resources.

Hiscock describes the pressure on energy, metals, food and water and the response of developed nations such as the US, Japan, and Europe.

Whether it is the rare metal lithium found in salt pans in the Andes, gas from the Caspian Sea, oil off the coast of Brazil, coal from Africa’s Zambezi River, or uranium from Kazakhstan, China and India are desperate to ensure the security of their future energy supplies, he says.

The same goes for food and water, as contamination and over-use take their toll, the need to provide continued access for the next generation and beyond has increased exponentially.  The book looks at the problems, potential solutions, and inevitable tensions in this ongoing scramble for natural resources. See details