Mike Laughton-Smith

13 November 2012 — The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia has a new board.

Chair is the University of Western Australia Centre for Microscopy Characterisation and Analysis manager Sean Webb (board term – 2013) and the vice- chair is Duda&Wills director Professor Ray Wills (board term – 2014)

Ordinary member are:

  • Carl Barrett, manager, Energy and Environmental Affairs, BGC (Australia) (board term – 2014)
  • Regina Flugge, senior manager, Environmental Sustainability, RAC (WA) (board term – 2014)
  • Kelli Friar, manager, Strategy Implementation and Integration, Horizon Power (board term – 2013)
  • Regina Flugge
  • Mike Laughton-Smith, chief executive officer, Balance Utility Solutions bBoard term – 2014)
  • Alannah MacTiernan, Mayor, City of Vincent; director, Energy Made Clean (board term – 2013)
  • Harry Porrins, principal, Red Cat Marketing (board term – 2013)