7 June 2011 – A new version of a light emitting diode lighting is being installed in a number of public buildings with claims of 93 per cent energy savings.

David Whitfield. Chief executive officer of enLighten Australia Pty Ltd said the Chamaeleon range of LED multi function lights were suited to areas that needed to be continuously left on, such as fire stairs, car parks and back of house areas.

The lights are fitted with microwave and light sensors so permanent low energy background lighting is available at all times but provides full lighting when a space is occupied, Mr Whitfield said.

Recent clients include City of Sydney and Gosford City Council.

University of Technology, Sydney is also starting a phased installation of Chamaeleon in fire stairs throughout its campus and pilot trials have been conducted at AMP and Lend Lease properties.

Mr Whitfield said return on investment varied from 1.8 years to 0.7 years once energy saving certificates are factored in.

“In NSW energy costs are set to increase by 17 per cent from 1 July onwards.

“The cost of lighting in Australia equates to more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, with large commercial buildings being the major culprit. Replacing all 50 million fluorescent tube lights in Australia would reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 2.5 million cars from Australian roads,” Mr Whitfield said.