4 July 2012 – One of Melbourne’s most energy efficient communities Moreland City Council has today played host to Parliamentary secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus, federal member  for wills, Kelvin Thompson and state member for Brunkswick Jane Garrett.

Committed to becoming carbon neutral in its commercial operations by 2012-13, the council has built an alliance with nine other local councils to actively help local government, businesses and households become more energy efficient, save money, create renewable energy and cut dangerous greenhouse gas pollution.

With the aid of the Community Energy Efficiency Program, Moreland City Council will spend $1.45 million to improve the energy efficiency in the historic Brunswick Town Hall, and the Fawkner and Coburg Leisure Precinct, to save around $95,000 a year.

“Improving energy efficiency and generating renewable energy are central elements of the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Future plan,” said Mr Dreyfus.