Monica Richter

22 July 2013 – After 10 years in the job at the Australian Conservation Foundation chief campaigner for  climate change and sustainable cities Monica Richter is moving on.

Ms Richter soon starts a new position with the World Wildlife Fund as business development manager, where she will work on improving the the supply chains of commodities such as beef, cotton, seafood, sugar and timber.

In a farewell note, Ms Richter said: “It’s been an extraordinary time – from a handful of climate campaigners across the movement in 2003 to a groundswell of people, organisations, and businesses championing the cause for strong action on climate change, and broader sustainability objectives, knowing that being more resource efficient makes sound business sense”.

There had been wins, such as the Business Roundtable on Climate Change, the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target, energy efficiency and building codes improvements and public transport investment.  But there was “still such a long way to go”.

ACF cities work will now be handled by political liaison manager Saffron Zomer, based in Canberra or strategies director, Chuck Berger.

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