8 November 2012 — Historic buildings, landscapes, parks, monuments and artefacts will be better protected with the introduction the City of Melbourne Heritage Strategy. The strategy is open for public comment until 30 November 2012 . Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the City of Melbourne was committed to preserving and sharing the story of Melbourne’s development. “Policies like these ensure that the city is well designed and managed as it grows, so that Melbourne accommodates more people without sacrificing quality of life or losing the history that is essential to our identity,” he said. Meanwhile, historian Helen Doyle has written A History of the City of Melbourne’s Urban Environment which is a theme-based history of Melbourne. The history provides the historical context for buildings and places around the city. Among its pages are that Melbourne’s first fire brigade established in 1845 was known as the Fire Prevention Society”,  and was reliant on pumping water from the Yarra, the first underground toilet with facilities for women opened in Russell Street in 1902, the same year women won the right to vote in federal elections and Melbourne’s original cemetery was called Burial Hill. The City of Melbourne Heritage Strategy is at www.melbourne.vic.gov.au