15 June2012 – Dairy producers could earn carbon credits and cut power bills by capturing and destroying harmful greenhouse gases released by cow manure through the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative.

The new carbon farming methodology was recently released for public comment.
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency parliamentary secretary Mark Dreyfus said the system worked by putting a cover over manure ponds, commonly used by dairy farmers to manage liquid dairy manure.

“Methane and other harmful greenhouse gases emitted by the effluent as it decomposes are trapped under this cover,” he said.

“These gasses are then either destroyed by burning them off, or via internal combustion engines and gas boilers which generate electricity and heat.”

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry parliamentary secretary Sid Sidebottom said farmers were very aware of the risk a warmer, more unstable climate posed to Australian agriculture and food production.

“This is an important economic and environmental opportunity for dairy farmers.”

The draft methodology and details on the initiative is available at www.climatechange.gov.au/cfi