29 August 2012 – Men like it tough. Not green and sensitive, according to OgilvyEarth in a recent study that found a massive 82 per cent of men view green as feminine. To engage men, green campaigners may need to make connections with macho values such as:  emotional toughness, courage, self-reliance, aggression, rationality, honour, duty, ambition and risk-taking.

According to Solutions for a sustainable and desirable future, one example of tough macho image put to good use was the “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign as a way of encouraging Texans to take pride in their state and to refrain from throwing rubbish onto the streets.

“OgilvyEarth’s study concluded that sustainability needs its own Marlboro Man — the iconic cowboy who changed the image of the once “mild as May” filtered women’s Marlboro Cigarette in the 1950s,” Solutions says.

“Within months of his introduction, the attractive but menacingly emotionless roughneck working in the rugged outdoors transformed Marlboro into the macho cigarette brand.”

Turbine cowboys.
“Wind power could draw on a parallel all-American, self-reliant cowboy figure, given that wind projects are typically sited on cattle ranges in the rural heartland. Interestingly, Texas oilman T Boone Pickens, who often sports a Stetson hat, has become one of America’s leading wind energy advocates. His Pickens Plan promotes domestic wind and natural gas development as economically rational and good for America, and his “army” of Pickens Plan followers has become a significant grassroots movement.

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