24 August 2011: Low Carbon Australia Ltd on Wednesday made good its promise to become another source of energy efficiency project with an announcement a “request for proposals” for projects from businesses, property owners and organisations.

The projects will need to demonstrate they will save energy or carbon and be able to become part of a ” project pipeline” for its current financial products including:

  • Alleasing E3 Lease TM Leasing for energy efficient equipment
  • Origin Energy On-bill financing Energy Savings Guarantee
  • NAB/Eureka Funds Management Environmental Upgrade Agreements financing
  • Energy efficiency loans direct with building owners, local councils and other businesses

Low Carbon Australia said it was requesting proposals for:

  • Projects requiring finance – Businesses, building owners, local councils and other organisations are encouraged to apply for finance to implement investment-ready energy and carbon saving upgrades.
  • Co-investment finance – organisations seeking co-financing opportunities to deliver multiple energy and carbon saving projects, which may include a combined financial and technical solution offering.
  • Referral Partners – organisations seeking to work as a referral partner to identify worthwhile energy and carbon saving projects which require finance.

The government agency says it has more than $100 million in funding to provide “financial solutions and advice to Australian business, government and the wider community to help the move to a low carbon future.”

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 30 September.

Details: www.lowcarbonaustralia.com.au

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