Perry House, Brisbane

28 May 2012 – I add my congratulations to Lend Lease for their fantastic initiative in planning to build a 10-storey timber-frame apartment building. But perhaps the reporting needs a little more attention. If anyone cares to consult the history books, or even actually visit the building, one can discover that Perry House in Elizabeth St Brisbane, of nine floors and built early last century, is also timber-framed.

Although not designed as an apartment building it now is, with the ground floor given over to retail.

Designed by important early Queensland Architect, LL Powell, Perry House was completed in 1913. At the time it was Brisbane’s tallest building and with its large floor to floor heights it could well remain taller than the Lend Lease proposal. An extra floor was built on top in 1923.

Professor Holden is discipline head, Architecture, Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University