11 December 2012 — An $11 million pilot energy generation project at Traralgon in Victoria is being financed by Low Carbon Australia.

The plant demonstrates the potential for power security across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

NovaPower will use Caterpillar gas-fired engines to provide lower-emissions power and defer network investments reducing costs to electricity users.

NovaPower is working with SP AusNet, Envestra, the Victorian Government, The Latrobe City Council, ANZ and Low Carbon Australia.

NovaPower managing director Anthony Collins said the company had chosen Traralgon as the site of its first generated power project following SP AusNet’s decision to source complementary innovative alternatives to its planned upgrade of the Traralgon distribution network to meet increasing demands of the growing region.

“We are using high-efficiency technology that has lower emissions than traditional coal-fired power generation to provide a cleaner form of electricity directly to the Traralgon network during peak demand periods,” he said.