Ken Yeang

23 October 2012 — Ecological architect and master planner Dr Ken Yeang will talk about creating climate responsive, low-energy buildings and “benign” urban landscapes at two seminars in Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Yeang is regarded as the inventor of “bioclimatic skyscraper” and is a Malaysian architect, master planner, writer and educator.

He splits his time between his practice in Malaysia, TR Hamzah and Yeang, his practice in the UK, Ilewelyn Davies Yeang, and his commitments speaking at universities, seminars and conferences across the world.

Mr Yeang believes integration is key.

“If we are able to integrate our business processes and design and everything we do or make in our built environment with the natural environment in a seamless and benign way, there will be, in principle, no environmental problems whatsoever,” he says.

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The talks will be held in Sydney from 6pm to 8.30pm on Thursday, 25 October and Melbourne from 6pm to 8.30pm on Friday, 26 October. Bookings: