John Gertsakis

6 November 2012 — Infoactiv Group has appointed John Gertsakis as its chief sustainability officer.

Mr Gertsakis’s focus will be on business strategies that extend the company’s product stewardship programs across product classes and regions.

He has worked as a senior environmental practitioner in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for more than 15 years, most recently as senior associate with WSP Environment & Energy. Mr Gertsakis has consulted to numerous companies, brands, OEMs and industry associations across the supply chain, including consumer electronics, ICT, commercial furniture, floor coverings and textiles.

He also worked closely with the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association to develop the concept for how e-waste could be effectively collected and recycled in Australia.

Mr Gertsakis has also served as a sustainability and design judge for several awards programs including the Premier’s Design Awards (Victoria), the Australian Information Industry Association iAwards, and the Australasian Student Design Awards. He is the sustainability chairman for the 2013 Australian Interior Design Awards, a role he has served since 2010.