22 August 2012 — Adelaide Brighton, an integrated construction material and lime producing group of companies focused on the construction, engineering, infrastructure and resource sectors in Australia, is looking for a sustainability reporting manager based in Sydney. The successful applicant will be responsible for ensuring the company is compliant with the obligations imposed on the Group by Clean Energy Legislation, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, National Pollutant Inventory and Energy Efficiency Opportunities. Contact Peter Tulau on (02) 9269 8736.

Penrith City Council needs a senior sustainability planner. The role is responsible for the development, management and reporting of a range of sustainability initiatives targeting both the organisation and the City. In addition, the position will also be responsible for reviewing and developing sustainability related policies and frameworks to guide Penrith’s sustainability journey. Applications close 4 September. Details: www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au