Jillian Riseley

12 December 2013 – The REA Group which operates the realestate.com.au property search engine is understood to have lured Jill Riseley, one of Australia’s most highly regarded  sustainability operatives from Telstra to spearhead its community investment and social sustainability strategy as it continues its expansion drive.

At Telstra it’s understood Ms Riseley reported direct to Tim O’Leary, chief sustainability officer, strategy and corporate services.

Her title at Telstra was general manager, digital inclusion, chief sustainability office,  and non executive director.

She leaves a budget of $230 million a year to oversee social investment strategy and regulatory and voluntary social investment, policies and strategies for digital inclusion programs, and partnerships including accessibility, cyber safety, disability services and education programs such as Connected Seniors.

Ms Riseley has previously been general manager of sustainability and corporate reputation at Sensis, publisher of the White Pages and Yellow Pages and is chair of the London Benchmarking Group Australia/New Zealand.

She did not return calls on Thursday from The Fifth Estate.