10 August 2011 – From Treehugger: So many in the business world claim to be sustainable, but back in 2004 Ray Anderson of Interface said “No one should be claiming sustainable products. There is no such thing yet in terms of zero footprint. What you can do is demonstrate reduced footprint.” He understood what it meant to be green, to be sustainable, and what it took to get there. Jacob Gordon wrote in his introduction to our interview with Ray:

Ray Anderson started his company, Interface, back in the 1970s to make carpet. Like any business man, he wanted to shake up the market and make a healthy profit, which he’s done, and Interface now has 17 manufacturing locations on four continents. But this is not business as usual. Not anymore. Since having a sustainability epiphany, as he calls it, Ray has starting steering Interface toward one hell of a goal: zero negative effects on the planetary ecosystem by the year 2020, a goal he admits no corporation has yet reached.
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