24 July 2014 — BRIEF: A leaked report from Infrastructure Australia – Spend more, waste more, Australia’s roads in 2014: moving beyond gambling – has found that state-run road entities are holding governments “captive” with demands for more funding, and that governments are assuming roads are the answer to transport problems with little consideration of alternatives enjoyed by other developed parts of the world.

It found said that more than $20 billion a year in national roads funding was being spent in a “hideously efficient” manner, the report leaked to Fairfax said.

“The unhealthy focus of road agencies appears set on ‘getting, controlling and spending’ more taxpayer money, rather than questioning efficiency or value to the motorist and governments,” it stated.

“The real problem is that road agencies and other road project proponents in industry and the community spend next to no effort examining what problems their projects and plans are trying to solve, other than the perceived problem that they do not have enough road funding.”

The report suggested more private-sector investment in roads would lead to better outcomes.

One reply on “Infrastructure Australia scathing of government roads funding”

  1. Ha …..I love this!
    The second quotation (‘The real problem…’), substitute ‘road funding’ for pretty much any other service, or business for that matter, and you’ve got a truism!
    Funnier still, after such an astute observation they shoot themselves in the foot by saying ‘more private sector investment would help’….didn’t they understand their own conclusion?

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