5 December 2011 – The Sunshine Coast is pursuing an affordable living plan to deal with more than 1 million people expected to settle in South East Queensland in the next 20 years and a projection of 98,000 new dwellings on the Coast.

The Sunshine Coast Affordable Living Strategy implemented in August 2010, found the region had:

  • A lack of housing choices, especially for smaller and more affordable dwellings
  • A mismatch between current housing form and the demographic profile
  • A mismatch between housing forms and aspirations for sustainability and
  • A shortage of current and future supply of social, aged and university designed housing.

In line with this strategy, urban planner Urbis has identified five key needs that would assist the Sunshine Coast in its aim:

  • Increase affordable housing
  • Increase the provision of housing for aged, low income and students
  • Reduce lot sizes
  • Creation of a more compact urban form
  • Increase the provision of attached dwelling forms designed for the local market (not tourist market)

Writing in the November issue of Urbis Insights, Brisbane based Urbis director Malcolm Aikman said affordable living strategy had been developed to create sustainable and resilient communities.

“It provides a framework to improve housing affordability, housing diversity, the liveability of neighbourhoods as well as equity and inclusiveness.  However, these goals can only be achieved by executing on key strategies, such as those Urbis has identified,” he says.


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