27 February 2013 — A new academic study  shows how the US Tea Party was conceived by tobacco executives with Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group established by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch.

Writer Graham Readfearn suggests in his article, How to Spot a Fake Grassroots Movement Like the Tea Party, that “somebody should write a pocket guide book with the title: ‘How to spot you’ve been suckered by a fake grassroots movement’”.

“Once it’s written, these guide books could be distributed free of charge to crowds at anti-carbon tax rallies, US Tea Party marches and pretty much any gathering of a “movement” telling you that your freedom is being put at risk by big governments, nanny states, new world orders or communists disguised as climate scientists or public health professionals,” he writes.

“But why the sudden need for the guide?

“There’s now emerging evidence that if these really are ‘grassroots’ movements, then many of the seeds and the fertilisers are being supplied by major corporations and ‘libertarian’ billionaires.

“It turns out that the US Tea Party movement and its calls for ‘freedom’ from government intervention wasn’t some organic uprising of community concern after all.

“A new academic study documents how the Tea Party was envisioned and planned by tobacco company executives in concert with Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group established by oil billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch.”

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