Victor Hoog Antink after abseiling 1 Bligh Street, Sydney

1 March 2012 – Retiring DEXUS boss Victor Hoog Antink went out on a sustainable high note this week leaving the real estate investment trust, after nine years, with a carbon neutral head office, certified by Low Carbon Australia.

It was just one of several gongs handed out amid glamourous farewells for Hoog Antink that included Wednesday night’s packed property who’s who event in Sydney on 1 Bligh’s party floor (Level 28) and whispers of more high profile visitors ahead of the handover of DEXUS Property to Darren Steinberg.

Low Carbon Australia chief executive Meg McDonald said: “Low Carbon Australia is pleased to welcome DEXUS Property Group as the newest member of our Carbon Neutral Network.

“By reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in its head office at 343 George Street, Sydney, DEXUS is setting a standard for others in the property investment trust sector to follow.”
Hoog Antink said the group was now committed to the strategy and internal transformation was key.

“Education of our people was a key element to DEXUS becoming carbon neutral,” Hoog Antink said.

“The reduction strategies we have put in place in our head office provide us with a great opportunity to engage with our people about the contribution they can make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at work.”

The program included assessing energy use, developing a sustainability strategy for waste to landfill, recycling, increasing the use of recycled products, reducing consumables and paper and new technologies to reduce energy consumption.

The company is also purchasing and retiring carbon credits to offset direct emissions created from refrigeration and electricity usage and indirect emissions such as landfill waste, paper use, airline travel and car mileage for national employees, taxi travel and hire cars, the company said.

Other actions include upgrading elements within its IT department to reduce energy consumption, measuring and communicating employee printing through the MyPrint program and examining ways to further improve energy monitoring and lighting.

And at the party? Among the throng were  Tim Church from UBS, Romilly Madew of the Green Building Council, Lyn Shaddock, Peter Verwer,