Brad George

26 June 2013 — Brad George has joined Norman Disney & Young as technical director for Scientific Research & Containment.

Mr George is a senior mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ experience and a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry third party assessor.

Based in the Brisbane office, Mr George is responsible for building, and strengthening NDY’s skills in the sourcing, design and delivery of research laboratories, clean rooms and containment facilities across the group.

His professional interest is in bio-safety and containment and prior to joining NDY, he played key roles in the new $115 million Queensland Institute of Medical Research’s Smart State Medical Research Centre.

Meanwhile Rick Morrison has also joined NDYLIGHT as senior lighting designer and manager.

As a registered lighting practitioner, Mr Morrison brings 30 years’ experience across all segments of the lighting industry including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, design, installation and post occupancy auditing.

He joined NDYLIGHT in the Brisbane office in May and had been with a global firm as principal lighting designer for five years.

Mr Morrison said he viewing lighting as a blend of art and science and “ the exquisite juxtaposition that is clever and calculated as well as colourful, artistic and intriguing”.

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