Haico Schepers, Arup

23 March 2011 – Arup celebrated its sponsorship of the exciting Greenhouse by Joost at Circular Quay  on Thursday last week with a wonderful evening of food and jam jar drinks before the installation moves at the end of  March to Milan, Berlin, Budapest and London.

To experience Greenhouse by Joost just once in your life is akin to stumbling on a taste of magic. Charm, optimism, daring and imagination. And that’s just in the construction that consisted of haybales, plywood, soldered metal tubes for the chairs, packing case furniture, jam jars to drink from, strawberry plants covering the exterior and a lush herb garden on the roof.

The sustainable building, organic food, talent of its creator Joost Bakker, and the spirit of triumph over a wasteful world is inspirational.

Guests included  David Bubna-Litic of UTS, Chris Derksema, City of Sydney, Rosemary Kirkby, GPT, Patrick Dale, NAB, Stephen Boss, Brookfield Multiplex, Anita Mitchell of Lend Lease, Richard Morris, British Consulate General, Elaine Callighen,Consulate General of Canada

Prashanth Shanmugan and Joost Bakker
Chair made from recycled metal tubes
Brian Cullinane, Arup

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