15 June 2011 – The Washington based Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability is the first international product certification standard to be recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia.

MTS CEO and founder, US Green Building Council, Mike Italiano said the US and Canada were behind Australia in product standards.

“GBCA’s scheme is the first globally to act on the substantial need for leadership sustainable product standards criteria, and start to address the substantial market confusion and greenwash adversely impacting the environment and economy.

“The US and Canada are several years behind and now moving rapidly to develop GBCA–like criteria for product standards.”

GBCA’s Green Star executive director, Andrew Aitken said other standards recognised by the GBCA are: the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Environmental Certification Scheme; Ecospecifier’s GreenTag GreenRate; the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute Limited’s Sustainability Standard 150, and various standards from Good Environmental Choice Australia Limited.

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