1 September 2011 – The final round of Green Building Fund grants, Round 7, was announced today (Wednesday) and all the big property names were there.

They included ISPT, DEXUS, GE Real Estate Investments, Westfield, Abacus Funds Management, Stockland, Eureka Funds Management, GPT, Cromwell, Commonwealth Managed Investments, AMP Capital Investments.

This time, shopping centres and hotels joined the mostly office properties favoured in the previous rounds. Hotels properties named included

Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains in NSW, BG Hotels in Queensland and Australian National Hotels Pty Ltd with Wrest Point in Hobart.

Many owners were granted the $500,000 maximum.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said $35.2 million was distributed in work estimated to save an estimated 118,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses a year.

“The fit-outs the companies will undertake may include new state-of-the-art heating and airconditioning systems, smart room controllers (for hotel guest rooms), energy efficient lighting systems and building energy management systems,” Senator Carr said.

“These improvements will significantly reduce energy, saving the environment and saving money for the business owner.”

There was a 32 per cent increase in applications to the fund, an “unprecedented 261 applications were received”.

“The high number of applications received shows the commitment of Australian building owners to make changes and help fight climate change,” Senator Carr said.

The Green Building Fund has now generated total expected emission savings of almost 300,000 tonnes per year, he said.

For details of offers see this website