Rosemary Kirkby, on site at MLC

26 July 2012 – In a first, the GPT Group has received a six star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia for the fit-out of its headquarters within the MLC Centre in Sydney, a building that has not undergone a complete refurbishment.

GPT aimed to set new standards for tis retrofit in the 33-year-old, Harry Seidler designed MLC Centre, with a “21st century, carbon neutral workplace”.

The GPT Group’s Sustainability head Rosemary Kirkby said the project provided a working model for corporations seeking to build strong, unified cultures in a premium environment without having to leave the CBD.

“We have shown that you can break down the core of existing buildings to achieve the collaborative workplaces required for success in the 21st Century,” she said.

“We have also proved that to get the best return on a business’ investment in its office accommodation, you also need to invest in building an open and collaborative culture and to provide the right technology to support mobility and accessibility for employees.”

GPT’s Development project director, responsible for the work environment project, Robert Hitchcock, said world leading sustainability ratings, a premium location and first-class design were all expected by today’s leading corporates.

“Achieving a six star Green Star for our fit-out and a zero carbon rating for our workplace within the MLC Centre is testament to how landmark office buildings will be moulded to maintain their premium status into the future,” he said.

“We have seamlessly integrated technology to enable employees to work collaboratively, creatively and wirelessly wherever they choose. People have a choice of where they work and are telling us that, on average, they are 15 per cent more productive.”

Project targets included: 90 per cent less paper stored; 75 per cent less paper used; 50 per cent less energy used; lighting energy consumption down by 70 per cent; fresh air intake increased by 25 per cent with the addition of external louvres into the façade; 500 plants  added; 320 lockers and 272 desks with the desks generally only 77 per cent occupied; 100 per cent of pre-existing equipment and fitout either recycled or re-used; staff moved from being from five floors to being consolidated across three floors; and a more mobile and engaged workforce.

The MLC Centre has a 5 Star NABERS rating.