13 March 2012 – Favourites: Architect Michael Green and Engineer J Eric Karsh have produced a  240 page document that documents how to build a 30 storey timber structure.

And it’s free, under a Creative Commons licence.

See: The Case For Tall Wood Buildings: How Mass Timber Offers a Safe, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Tall Building Structures. (PDF Here)

Delegates fro Green Cities 2012 saw Green in action.

See our article, Green Cities: Michael Green on the power of timber

And an article by Treehugger says:

“It has been known for centuries that heavy timber actually performs better in fire than structural steel; a layer of insulating and fireproof char forms on the outside of it when it burns, protecting the structural integrity of the wood. (It is designed bigger than it needs to be to allow for this char layer.) The recent development of cross-laminated timber creates a building material with all of the virtues of heavy timber without the need for the big trees.