By Nycole Wood

LETTER: 30 January 2012  – Firstly, thank-you for The Fifth Estate, I always enjoy reading it.

Interesting article on Stockland’s report about energy efficiency. I’m all for promoting the savings opportunities from high thermal performance and high efficiency appliances, and all Alan Pears’ evidence should be much more widely promoted to new home buyers.

But this article begs the question – shouldn’t Stockland be asked to explain how $6000 for free energy bills is really helping the situation? According to their figures you would only need to spend between $490 and $886 per year (plus fixed costs) on energy in your new Stockland home. But hang on, that’s only if you choose all the high efficiency options – and why would you if you get three years of free energy bills?

Nycole Wood is ESD engineer,  Moreland City Council, Melbourne. These are her personal opinions