28 April – Developers and community groups could at last be able to see the impact of new developments thanks to a new free app, Walkabout3d from UK based Deliverance Software.

The app’s 3d panoramas shows users how their surroundings may appear once planned building projects have reached their completion.

The app feeds off drawings created in Google SketchUp and lets users create 3d images or “models”, which, in the case of buildings or structures, can then be placed within Google Maps. The app then reads these sketches, allowing its users to explore them in 3d panoramas.

Users can even chose their avatar height to set their first person viewpoint within the app with an option to share designs with other people. When used on an iPhone or iPad, Walkabout3d’s geo-referenced SketchUp panoramas can be aligned to the device’s direction and orientation.

This means that planned building works, once created as a SketchUp, can be explored in three dimensions on an iPhone or iPad, as users simultaneously view the current real world landscape.

For more details see www.walkabout3d.com

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